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Our products are as good as the virgin material!

Recycled plastics are only of interest to the plastics processing industry if they are available in consistent quality over the long term and in sufficiently large quantities. This is precisely what mtm delivers. Our polyolefin recyclate material competes directly with virgin plastics. It doesn't always win, but is winning more and more often.

30,000 tons of regranulate

At our headquarters in Niedergebra, a town to the south of Hanover in Germany, we have been recycling plastic packaging material since 1994. Since then, there have been two changes of ownership (1998 and 2003). Step by step, the very latest technologies have been introduced and are being constantly refined. Today, mtm is regarded as a European technology leader in in the recycling of mixed plastics and as one of the world's biggest producers of polyolefin recyclate. With our substantial production capacities, we can turn out up to 30,000 metric tons of regranulate a year. Our branded products, Dipolen® and Purpolen®, are sold to customers in Italy, Benelux, France, Poland, USA, China, Turkey and, of course, Germany. Our sales and marketing staff look after our customers on a local basis. Technical support is a key priority for us.

Impressions of our plant in Niedergebra


mtm compact GmbH

Our sister: mtm compact GmbH

Our sister company, mtm compact GmbH, is located in Fürstenwalde (Germany, Thuringia). There, about 20 staff manufacture our plastic pellets with the brand name compactat® from mixed plastic packaging which is unsuitable for material recycling. Our customers are steel mills which use compactat® as a reducing agent on their blast furnaces.

Save primary resources with compactat®

compactat® replaces heavy fuel oil or coal in the blast furnace, which are normally used as reducing agent. The reduction gas sourced from them binds the oxygen contained in the iron ore. Plastic waste can also take on this function. For this purpose, it must be processed to pellets with a defined and even bulk density. For our compactat® we use die presses, which form pneumatically conveyable pellets in a defined size from household collections.

At present, we are producing about 24,000 tons compactat® from about 25,000 tons input, which are mainly used as reducing agent in steel mills. By using compactat®, a steel mill does not only save primary resources but can also significantly reduce its CO2 and SO2 emissions.

Your contact at mtm compact GmbH: Torsten Meyer, Managing Director


Certified quality

mtm holds all the necessary certificates that customers expect when they buy our regranulates.


  • is certified to ISO 9001
  • has joined the European certification standard EuCertPlast
  • holds the current suitability certification prescribed according to the German packaging regulation
  • and complies with the demands of the REACH-, ROHS- and CLP regulations and monitors them regularly.

Quality management

Control – our constant companion

  • Incoming goods control: Our suppliers are paid according to the quality of the secondary raw materials we buy from them. The decisive criterion is the product yield we attain with the supplied material.
  • Laboratory tests: Our regranulate is continuously tested and classified in the company's laboratory. The mechanical data are regularly monitored in independent laboratories and quoted in our data sheets on the basis of various test series. From each homogenised production batch (1 truck load = approx. 24 metric tons), at least 5 samples are taken and analysed. After that, the batch is either released for dispatch or blocked for reprocessing. If the customer requests, we issue a plant exit certificate.

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Michael Zösch

Application Support, Regional Sales Manager Southern Germany

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Lars Fischerbock

Regional Sales Manager Germany North, Netherlands

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Daniela Lonero

Regional Sales Manager Italy, Slovenia

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Arne Jost

Regional Sales Manager France, Belgium, Luxembourg

Telefax:+49 (0) 3 63 38 325-25
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Kamran Shariat

Regional Sales Manager Germany South, Austria, Switzerland

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Susanne Kaufhold

Sales Coordinator

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Anja Meyer

Quality Management

Phone:+49 (0) 3 63 38 325-16
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Tobias Peters

Technical Purchasing

Phone:+49 (0) 3 63 38 325-41
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Ralf Böttner

Production Manager

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Kathrin Erdmann


Phone:+49 (0) 3 63 38 325-19
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Monika Keitel

Staff Manager / General Management

Phone:+49 (0) 3 63 38 325-31
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Plastic Recycling – Made in Germany

Watch 4:30 - our film explains mtm transforming plastic scrap feedstock into re-pellets.
You can find us on YouTube


Borealis, a leading provider of innovative solutions in the fields of polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilizers, announces today that it has an agreement to fully acquire the German plastics recycler mtm plastics GmbH and mtm compact GmbH. This transaction is subject to regulatory approvals.

On February 5, 2016, Bodo Ramelow, Minister-President of the German State of Thuringia, paid a visit to our company together with Agriculture Minister Birgit Keller, Chief Administrative Officer of the district of Nordhausen, Matthias Jendricke, and members of the Bundestag, State Parliament and district councils of all fractions. Also present were high-ranking representatives of the University of Nordhausen, the BA, IHK and the Nordhausen business association.


It is the designers who take the first major step in improving the recyclability of plastics packaging. The main aims of "RecyClass" are to give them the necessary support, sensitise them to aspects of recyclability, and provide them with a practicable tool for this purpose. The tool, developed by PRE, is an interactive online questionnaire to help designers and manufacturers establish how recycling-friendly their packaging is.

We are looking for

mtm gives preference to pre-sorted plastic waste of polyethylene and polypropylene.

For us, environmental protection is a top priority. With our modern energy management system, we not only conserve resources, we also protect the climate.

Stephan Platzer,
electronics technician for industrial engineering

mtm plastics GmbH

A member of Borealis Group