Our regranulate – economical, sustainable, competitive

The regrind material supplied by mtm makes an important contribution to sustainable development: Compared with primary material, our customers not only conserve resources, they also avoid CO2 emissions. Our products are also an attractive alternative from the price point of view.

We can always customise our recyclate material according to your specific needs. Please contact our sales and marketing staff for more information.


Dipolen® is a polyolefin blend for use in either extrusion or injection moulding. We can supply it either unmodified or treated with additives according to the customer’s specifications.

Dipolen® boasts a high level of polyolefin purity. We ensure this through an extremely selective recycling technology, and through thorough degassing and very fine filtration. We supply Dipolen® optimised for your application, whether extrusion or injection moulding. Our qualified staff are only too pleased to support our customers with local sampling in order to tune the properties of our regranulate exactly to their requirements with the help of special additives.

Specifications and datasheets

Dipolen®  SDipolen®  SPDipolen®  PPDipolen®  H
MFI 190°C/ 5 kg> 10> 14> 24> 10
MFI 190°C/ 2.16 kg---> 2,5
MFI 230°C/ 2.16 kg> 5> 7> 10> 5

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Purpolen® is a new sorted recycled material especially suited for the production of demanding end user products. HDPE and PP are available as extrusion and injection moulding grades in many new colours.

Purpolen® is made from a pre-product which we sort according to type and colour with a newly developed and patented separating process. From this, we manufacture high-purity re-pellets suitable for the production of high-quality plastic products – also for branded articles for the consumer market. Purpolen® offers a much wider colour range than other recycled materials.

Specifications and datasheets

Purpolen®  PEPurpolen®  PP
MFI 190°C/ 5 kg< 3-
MFI 190°C/ 2.16 kg< 0,5-
MFI 230°C/ 2.16 kg-> 20

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Our sales and marketing staff will be pleased to help should you have any questions!

Plastic Recycling – Made in Germany

Watch 4:30 - our film explains mtm transforming plastic scrap feedstock into re-pellets.
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"Design Matters" - Videos about Design4Recycling

RecyClass explains by way of example in less than one minute videos what to look out for when designing plastic packaging.

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It is the designers who take the first major step in improving the recyclability of plastics packaging. The main aims of "RecyClass" are to give them the necessary support, sensitise them to aspects of recyclability, and provide them with a practicable tool for this purpose. The tool, developed by PRE, is an interactive online questionnaire to help designers and manufacturers establish how recycling-friendly their packaging is.

We are looking for

pre-sorted waste plastics of PE and PP

mtm gives preference to pre-sorted plastic waste of polyethylene and polypropylene.

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