When compared to the use of new products, every tonne of processed recyclate from mtm has approximately 30 percent lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions vs. comparable virgin polyolefins.


Dipolen® is made of household plastic waste, primarily collected via the yellow bag collection system in Germany. Highly selective processing technology involves thorough degassing and very fine filtration. This makes Dipolen® ideal for injection moulded products with static and dynamic loads.

Using our many years of recycling expertise, mtm’s technical experts will help you to find the most suitable solution for your application.

Specifications and datasheets

 Dipolen®  SDipolen®  SPDipolen ® SPBDipolen®  PPDipolen®  H
MFI 230°C/ 2.16 kg5,58,0612,56,0
 DatasheetDatasheet(Datasheet coming soon)DatasheetDatasheet

Application examples consisting of Dipolen®

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Purpolen® is made of bulky plastic collected from municipal recycling centres . A homogeneous high quality, high purity recyclate, Purpolen® is particularly well suited to the production of sophisticated consumer products. Purpolen® is separated by PE and PP. PE-HD and PP are available in extrusion and injection-moulding grades.

Specifications and datasheets

 Purpolen®  PEPurpolen®  PPPurpolen® PPY 40
MFI 230°C/ 2,16 kg1,52040,0

Application examples consisting of Purpolen®

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By-products are a natural polypropylene post-industrial recyclate supplied in pellets. By-products are ideal PP used where sustainability and circularity matter. By-products are a post-industrial recyclate including a large part of recycled post-industrial waste coming from Borealis plants.

Specifications and datasheets

 By-products PP 00,  01, 02, 03By-product PP 04
MFI 230°C/ 2,16 kg5-352-15


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