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mtm plastics GmbH has been recycling used plastic packaging from post-consumer sources at their site in Niedergebra in Thuringia since 1994. We have continued to develop our technology to become one of Europe’s technology leaders in mixed plastic waste recycling. mtm plastics produces high quality polyolefin recyclates for manufacturing injection moulding products.

In 2016 mtm plastics became a member of the Borealis Group, a leading provider of innovative solutions in polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilisers. Following the acquisition, Borealis initiated an expansion project of the Niedergebra site, leading to an overall increase of input processing capacity, and improved capabilities to address the needs of the high-end recyclate market

Impressions of our plant in Niedergebra

mtm compact GmbH

Our sister: mtm compact GmbH

Not all the material collected is suitable for recycling into high quality materials. mtm plastics’s sister company, mtm compact GmbH, located in Fürstenwalde near Berlin, processes lower grade material into plastic pellets under the trade name compactat®.

Save primary resources with compactat®

Compactat® is used by steel mills as a reducing agent in their blast furnaces, depleting oxygen levels to separate iron from its ore. This is usually performed using carbon monoxide released by burning coal or oil. If the steel mill switches to compactat® as a reducing agent, it not only saves primary resources but also lowers climate damaging greenhouse gas emissions.



Certified quality

mtm holds all the necessary certificates that customers expect when they buy our regranulates.


  • is certified to ISO 9001
  • has joined the European certification standard EuCertPlast
  • holds the current suitability certification prescribed according to the German packaging regulation
  • and complies with the demands of the REACH-, ROHS- and CLP regulations and monitors them regularly.

Quality management

Control – our constant companion

  • Incoming goods control: Our suppliers are paid according to the quality of the secondary raw materials we buy from them. The decisive criterion is the product yield we attain with the supplied material.
  • Laboratory tests: Our regranulate is continuously tested and classified in the company's laboratory. Also the mechanical data are regularly monitored and quoted in our data sheets on the basis of various test series. From each homogenised production batch (1 truck load = approx. 24 metric tons), at least 5 samples are taken and analysed. After that, the batch is either released for dispatch or blocked for reprocessing. If the customer requests, we issue a plant exit certificate.

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